Standing in line at the Grocery Store can be very stressful. That stress increases depending on the urgency of one’s matters. Standing in line this morning before me stood this lady. She was dressed as if she had been in a rush when she left the house. Upon getting in the line myself, I could see that she had hopes that this other employee was opening a line not a few feet away. Realizing her rush, I just kept my distance, more in fear that once she bolted to be first I might find myself in the floor. 


Well the employee in question was simply prepping the other registers for the day, although she did seem to be aware of the amount of people in the one line and she was not just taking her sweet time. 


Meanwhile in the line in front of me stood the impatient lady, an older man with a huge frozen entree of lasagna, two cartons of strawberries, and a small about 16 oz. bottle of milk, a young girl who I couldn’t see what she was about to purchase although it did appear to be something trivial like gum, and then in front of her was a middle aged lady who was the current customer at the register. This middle-aged lady was the cause of all this grief for the impatient lady directly in front of me. Things actually did appear to be going fine just not fast enough for her, the part that makes this entertaining for me is that the slowness in which the transaction was being processed was not just the fault of the middle aged lady. The cashier is this very nice, friendly, try to be humorous man who seems to be in his late 60′s. While trying to provide people with a nice interaction that early in the day he was putting a huge damper on the impatient lady’s day, in addition we had a man of similar age bagging groceries, and last but not least the reliability of the debit/credit card machine and its communications with the financial institution of choice. 


Outside of all these details, I stood there thinking to myself that that was once me. I was once the impatient lady wishing that everyone would hurry up. I did pause for a moment before pulling myself totally out of this category. I stood in line at Wal Mart just the other day thinking this lady is just taking forever. However, this is where I have changed myself, where I have not made myself the entertainment of someone else. Although I was in a bit of a hurry, I have realized that regardless of how ill I seemed or how ill I was to act and that in expressing it outwardly I am to no avail just hurting myself. 


Granted that yes, overreaction on anyone’s part does influence those around him or her but most of all you get yourself nowhere. So to the impatient lady in the grocery store this morning: do not sweat the small stuff, when you do it just makes you that much later for your next endeavor. 


So to end this little charade — the other employee did open another register, register #6 to be exact. I assumed that the man behind me with a bit of a cartload would go, but he looks to me and mentions that I have but a few items that I should go.


Needless to say but as I left the parking lot on my way back to work in my rearview mirror I spy the impatient lady in front of me in that line stomping to her car as fast as she could.

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