Lyrics – discouraging yet interesting.


I read this “status” on MySpace: What if you counting on my failure made me live. Since it was a teenager that was using this as an update, my first thought was to hope that this was a lyric. In favor of all Moms that would see this statement yes it is just some song lyrics.


So many kids look up to these artists and I know that many of them strive to set a good example but do they consider the thought that they are invoking in these very impressionable beings. Granted that the statements made in some lyrics do provoke some interesting thought into how individuals look at themselves and others. Also, in this realm, maybe it would give cause to think twice about what you might say or impose on someone else.


So many young people at this time strive for this depressing emotional persona. How confusing is this for the young person who has all they can do to get their mind around everyday life.

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