Nail Biting: February 19 – Entry 4

Wow, so I thought if I have to write about the fingernails or nails everyday I might need to know some serious information concerning the nail. So, part of my issue is this, if I can make the nail or cuticle smooth or just get that one piece supposedly I have reached some goal and feel this almost believe it or not euphoric satisfaction. How crazy is that. Well, I am not sure how biting my nails … fingers … fingernails … equates to euphoria and you would think that in some way that euphoria relates to nerves, right? Well after some reading, I have come to learn that the nail part of the fingernail has no nerve endings. Craziness… no nerves equate to euphoria? I think that euphoria is the wrong word here but there is something that I get from it that is achieving something…. I think for the most part that the achievement is comfort… comfort for what? Stress, thinking –> excessively?


I guess what it comes down to it is that until I stop biting, gnawing entirely I will never know what exactly it is that is so addictive about it. Granted I am doing well with it, but I am still drawn to look at them and pick here and there… although I feel like that is less and less as the days go by… or am I just telling myself it is and therefore thought is…

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